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About Us


American engraver and artist Kendall Smith has built his success upon the values and work ethic learned early in life.  His appreciation for the art of engraving was established as he watched his father create custom firearms. While honing his skills and being heavily influenced by respected engravers Robert Swartley and Francis Harry, Kendall embraced the work ethic of “always be critical of your work.” Specializing in Western Bright-Cut engraving, Kendall continued to subscribe to this ideal while working twelve years with Ken Moore and Gary Gist. Over four decades later, Kendall continues to seek perfection in every piece produced.

 Currently, Wildcat Gold & Silversmiths is located in Montana where Kendall produces both custom silver and gold products as well as a line of stock inventory.  Items include belt buckle sets along with jewelry, as well as hand engraving on firearms and knives. All pieces are available through either the Wildcat Gold & Silversmiths website, or through discerning stores throughout the West. For contact information, photographs, or to place orders, go to